Eerie Japanese tales in the fading light.

In Stockholm this evening, and it’s felt like it’s been getting dark since 2pm. Winter’s on its way and no mistake. Across the street, the tall, handsome apartment buildings are glowing from within their dozens of mini-homes. Few people close their curtains so the darkness between the two sides of the street feels lit by the cosiness of all these people’s evenings.

I’m reading the strange Japanese stories collected by the inimitable Lafcadio Hearn (inimitable, apart from anything else because he was born in 1850 in Greece to Irish and Greek parents, grew up in Ireland, spent his early adulthood in the US before spending the rest of his life in Japan – and this so long before our modern globetrotting…). Stories of the weird and supernatural, many of them start compellingly and finish with baffling abruptness. But the images are absolutely striking, and their are one or two more complete stories that I’m itching to tell when in a storyraid later this week… and keen to do more with as time goes on…


About dominickelly

I'm a performance storyteller, touring to theatres, festivals and schools. I create contemporary performance pieces based on traditional stories.
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